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Become a Philanthropic Partner

What is our philanthropy philosophy?

We believe that building relationships with Philanthropic Partners is a very special part of our fundraising activity, because of the simple fact that you have chosen to invest personally into our vision and mission, a decision we know you have not made lightly. We don’t take it for granted.

PNZ is part of a worldwide social change movement, which uses the power of sport to positively influence community perceptions of disabled people and to promote a more diverse and inclusive society. We remain incredibly grateful to our Philanthropic Partners for their endorsement and personal commitment to helping us achieve the objectives in our ‘Towards 2020’ Strategic Plan. We know this shows great confidence in the skill of our team and governance expertise of our board.

Our philanthropic partners are cared for personally by our Commercial and Marketing Director, Jenifer Hunt and often, directly by our Chief Executive, Fiona Allan and members of our board

Why do we work with philanthropists?

PNZ is very grateful to receive government funding through High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) to pay for the training of our elite team and about 1/3rd of our Paralympics Games costs.

However, everything else we do, including covering the remaining 2/3rds of Games costs and delivering against the community development objectives in our ‘Towards 2020’ Strategic Plan is supported by funding from a mix of philanthropic partners, public donations, fundraisers, commercial partners, plus government and community grants. 


What do we offer Philanthropic Partners?

PNZ works carefully with each Philanthropic Partner as they come on board, to develop and plan for their involvement with us. We know that each of you is very different, in terms of how you want to see your investment used by PNZ and how much recognition you wish to receive; how you want to be involved in our organisation and our planned activity; and how much detail and how often you want communication. From the very beginning of our relationship, we agree your preferences and we check in with you on your selected timeframes, to make sure we are always getting this right!

Who should you contact to find out more?

If you are interested in joining PNZ as one of our Philanthropic Partners, please contact Jenifer Hunt.


Major Partners

ToyatoHigh Performance Sport New Zealand

Official Partners

Adecco ACCHarvey NormanTVNZ

Community Partners

SanfordNew Zealand Chambers of Commerce
New Zealand Racing BoardPub CharityThe Lion FoundationNew Zealand Community Trust

Official Suppliers

Simpson Gierson Blue StarOceanbridge        


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