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If you would like to learn more about classification, please have a look at the following documents.

IPC Classification Code

This is the most important document governing the Paralympic Movement in regards to classification. It helps to support and co-ordinate the development and implementation of accurate, reliable and consistent sport focused classification systems. It was updated in 2015 and is part of the IPC Handbook.
Available here

IPC Position Statement on Background and Scientific Rationale for Classification in Paralympic Sport

This position statement, which was written by Sean Tweedy and Yves Van Landewijck, explains what evidence based classification means and how this can be achieved. It shows how classification systems should be based on scientific evidence. The IPC has officially committed to the aim of evidence based classification with the approval of this position statement by the Governing Board in 2009. Available at:

Introduction to the Paralympic Movement

If you want to learn more about the history of the Paralympic Movement and classification, from the beginnings in Stoke Mandeville to today’s London 2012 Paralympic Games, then the article “Introduction to the Paralympic Movement” by Sean Tweedy and P. David Howe can be highly recommended. The article is available in the following book:
Y.C. Van Landewijck & W.R. Thompson (Eds.): The Paralympic Athlete. Wiley- Blackwell: IOC Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science.

IPC Website

For news and videos about the Paralympic Movement, information about the IPC structure and classification, please visit the IPC website: www.paralympic.org. You may also find the section on Classification of the website interesting: www.paralympic.org/Classification/Introduction

For further information on classification contact:

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